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Vcan® Mission

The mission of The Versant Center for the Advancement of Nursing® (Vcan®) is to provide professional and organizational development opportunities through research, education, publishing, conferences and other events where nursing and healthcare professionals can engage in a collaborative and disciplined model.


Versant National Database

Through a unique collaborative leasing agreement, Versant Holdings, LLC, the national leader in new graduate transition-to-practice residencies, has provided Vcan® access to the Versant National Database (VND).  Vcan® is responsible for housing, managing and analyzing the VND.  The VND is one of the most comprehensive RN transition-to-practice outcome datasets in the United States (see Figure 1).  Previous research using this database clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the Versant RN Residency and the program’s ability to develop and sustain the professional nursing organization.


Versant Center for the Advancement of Nursing® (Vcan®) Research Grant

PhD Student Research & DNP Student Project Grants

Our research priorities seek to fundamentally improve patient-centered care and safety by providing thought leadership, research, and scholarship opportunities advancing nursing science by evaluating nursing’s contributions to:

Patient Safety
Organizational Capacity-Building
Sustainability of Organizations
Economic Success

Grants will be awarded to fund innovative and meaningful PhD student research and DNP projects relating to nursing's influence on the POSE outcomes. $50,000 in total awards will be distributed.


Research Grant Application

PhD Student Research & DNP Student Project Grant Application

General Instructions for Applicants

  • All applications must be submitted via the online submission system.
  • Incomplete applications will not be reviewed or considered for funding.
  • Grant awards will be determined by a team of internal and external reviewers.
  • If appropriate, Institutional Review Board approval MUST be received by the funding date or not later than 2 months after the funding date.


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Continuing Nursing Education

Versant® is accredited with distinction as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.


 Accredited Provider

About Versant

Versant's focus is to fundamentally transform healthcare through an integrated competency-based system that defines, implements, and validates state of the art practices to achieve positive patient outcomes.